August 15, 2011

Miyagishima BBQ

August 12, 2011
This was basically the second half of the Miyagishima family reunion. Tawny and Aaron's families didn't make it to Solvang, so we had a nice, big family BBQ at our house. It was great to watch the kids play and relax in the backyard. It was also perfect timing because it just happened to be Tom's birthday.

I'm not sure if Taryn was seriously injured, but I love this picture of Charlie.
She looks so dangerous. :)

The munchkins turned the kiddie pool into their very own hot tub.

Beemer giggled up a storm for Jenn. (We can't wait to see their baby girl.)


The girls got in the same dress up outfits they wore last year and Taryn learned how to gamble.
His Grandma Susan recently won big; maybe luck runs in the family.