May 18, 2010

Goodbye Hair

For those of you that don't remember my flat iron and I had a run in when we were in Korea (in September). I accidentally fried the crap out of my hair and have been suffering ever since. It finally grew out, so I had to say goodbye to all of the split ends. Plus, Chris has always pressured me into trying an a-line.

May 17, 2010

Matt's Visit

We recently found out that it's been over 5 years since Chris' older brother, Matt has been to our house. We've moved at least three times since he's been up north. :) When he came to visit this time he brought Krissy and Olivia. I hope that Krissy is one day my sister-in-law and Maiki would love to be able to officially call Olivia her cousin. The two girls get along GREAT!
Maiki & Olivia loved doing everything together,
but the trampoline was by far their favorite.This is the first poker game that I've EVER won!This was Maiki's first sleepover.Boondocks was fun, but Olivia was not a fan of the racecars.Chris & Matt trapped a poor kid.


My mom and her cousin, Toni took Maiki and BrookLynn to the Cinderella play at Layton high. Our little princesses had a blast!

Thank you grandma!

May 14, 2010

Carter's Shower

A few weeks ago I got to co-host a baby shower for my wonderful department chair, Chris Carter. My job is SO much easier with him around. :)
(FYI: We need to invite more men to baby showers. They give interesting gifts.)

I knew things were going to go well when we pulled up and saw half a dozen cars in the driveway. I had prepped Maiki and she knew we were hosting a baby shower. She checked out all of the cars and said, "Mom-Are ALL those people taking a shower?"

Most of us were shocked to see our principal showed up (it was a nice surpise). I was even more shocked when he hid behind the couch and scared the crap out of Maiki. He used his crazy voice to tell her that the horse was hungry. She was definitely spooked and refused to talk to him; once he left she hid behind the couch and started pretending to be the horse.