April 14, 2009


I can't believe I was worried Maiki wouldn't
get to go to an Easter egg hunt!

Easter started early Saturday morning at Weber State's very disappointing Easter egg hunt. The hunt started at 10am;
we were in the car on our way out by 10:06!

Uintah had an adorable egg hunt. The set up was great and the kids had a blast. If you don't know where to go next year go there!

Saturday evening we celebrated grandpa's 85th birthday, and I organized my first egg hunt. We hid zillions of eggs in Paul's trailer, then released the kids one at a time (youngest to oldest). Once Dave had a good picture of a kid we let the next one in. It worked really well, and the kids had a blast (and avoided the rain).

Easter morning Maiki had a private egg hunt. Beth and Dave gave her awesome presents and Grandma Sherrie gave her the adorable dress! Thanks guys!!!

In the afternoon we joined grandpa and Pots for another egg hunt at the Ogden Japanese Christian Church. Their enrollment is decreasing rapidly. :( On an average Sunday they only have 20 people attend services. Easter was special, so we had close to 40. (Only 4 kids participated in the egg hunt.)

We ended Easter by meeting Maiki's new cousin:
MarLee Sorenson

Maiki admitted she didn't care about meeting MarLee, but she had a ton of fun playing with BrookLynn.

Spring Break

The original plan was to stay at home and focus on potty-training, instead we had a lot of play dates and spent time with Grandpa Kaz.

The week began by seeing Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. Maiki LOVED it, even though she took a one hour nap in the middle.
(Why don't they have kid's glasses?)

Maiki and Mikade had a blast feeding the ducks at the Layton park. I'll try to steal some of Krissy's pictures soon.

The weather was crappy, so we went swimming at Surf'n Swim. Krissy and Mikade joined us with Jemma and her two boys
(Isaac and Liam).

We started every morning by mall walking with Grandpa Kaz.
The picture of Maiki, Uncle Dave and grandpa was taken at Hanamaru. It's a fairly new Japanese restaurant in Ogden. It was weird to go to a Japanese place that didn't have any sushi. (Maiki was really hyper and took THREE time-outs during lunch.)

Maiki and Truman relaxed watching Elmo while mom and
Heidi chatted.

Slone taught Maiki how to play Rock Band. She showed off her impressive dancing moves while her pants were in the dryer. (Never hand a two year old a bottle of water
while you are driving.)

The Easter pictures will be online soon!

This is an old pic of Maiki w/Aunt Kate and Uncle Tim at Mandarin. :)

Misc. Pics

Here are a few cute pics of Maiki helping Uncle Slone clean the house. He really earned his money that day; cleaning and babysitting are pretty difficult when done simultaneously.

Last week my Uncle Dave had to attend a funeral. Luckily, I know a couple of good florists, so Ashlee at LINGER FLORAL put together this beautiful arrangement. Beth and Ashlee do such a good job! If you are ever in need/want don't forget to check out their blog. :)

April 2, 2009


The last two weeks have been especially fun. . . Maiki has had SO much mucus!!! Last Thursday she was bad enough that we took her to the doctor. We found out she has varisella-zoster. For those of you that aren't doctors that's the fancy way of saying CHICKENPOX! (I don't know if it's one word or two; most websites write it as one.)

Maiki is current on her vaccinations, so she only had a mild case. She had less than 10 pox total, and never acted like they itched. She is such a little trooper; she doesn't complain about a thing. We knew she was sick because she had a fever, a few tiny red spots, boogers, and wanted mommy more than normal.