September 19, 2009


Being two hours away from Tokyo was just too close, so we had an extended layover and a guided tour with a foreign exchange student (and great friend) I had in high school. I can't believe we actually made it! We've been talking about going to Japan since we first met Keiko (in 1996).

We spent September 13-17 in Tokyo. We accomplished a lot in a few short days, but we never made it to Kyoto. . . I guess we will have to plan another trip.
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I didn't take many pictures because my camera battery was dying. I'll post more once I get pictures from Sohee, Beth and Keiko. :D


We just returned from one of the most amazing trips ever! We spent September 6-13 in Seoul, Korea. People thought we were crazy bringing our two year old on a 13 hour plan ride, but she did great and Jon and Sohee's wedding was spectacular (other than the freak flash flood, which luckily ended right before the ceremony).

Here are a few pics highlighting our trip. I'll post all of them on the kodak site. If you don't get invited to view them and want to know the secret login just send me an e-mail. :D
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Sohee and Jon (the pic in the slideshow is from a bad angle).

September 3, 2009

The End of Summer

It's amazing how fast the summer flies by. I think this summer felt even shorter because the weather was so cool in June (tons of rain in UT).

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures during our last week of freedom:
Maiki and Mikade chill'n @ the movies

Maiki and Mikade fighting
(for some reason these two always go at it)

Maiki hang'n w/all of the Poulsen boys

Relax'n @ Jemma's pool (the Star Wars floaty was Maiki's favorite)

Maiki is back at Syracuse High and loving every minute. My new work is great, but we are off to an interesting start. I'll post pics ASAP. Right now we are frantically getting ready for Korea and Japan.


I just found these pics. They are from play dates in August.

Maiki and Elizabeth hanging out in her "house."

Maiki and her best friend from Syracuse High, Morgan.