April 10, 2011

Grandpa's 87th Birthday

We celebrated Grandpa Kaz' birthday w/Ryan's boys by having everyone over for Paul's nummy ham and funeral potatoes, and then we had a nice dinner at Kyoto on his actual birthday. My grandpa is an amazing man and he definitely makes 87 look good!

Chris is Amazing!

Chris started finishing a room in the basement when he had two weeks off for paternity leave. Being home w/kids wasn't keeping him busy (he'd put any stay-at-home mom to shame), so the overachiever took on a new project. He seriously is an amazing man. It's crazy to watch him optimistically work 60+ hours a week, manage 8 rental properties, take care of three high maintenance girls, and still come home to finish this sweet room. I hope he takes the time to relax and enjoy the awesome new space.

April 4, 2011

Bryn's 2nd Month

Bryn's 2 Month Well Check:

10 pounds and 22.3 inches

Weight-40th percentile, Height-75th percentile, Head circumference-50th percentile

She survived 5 shots and received an oral vaccine. She cried for about five minutes, and then took a nice nap. This appointment was hard for me because Chris has always been there to hold the kids while they are getting jabbed. Our appointment was moved, so Chris was still at work. Maiki was great during the appt. and pretended to be the doctor. From the pretend conversation we had I discovered that she thinks you can fix anything with a schedule and Neosporin.

Bryn is doing amazingly well. She's such a great baby! Now that she's two months old I am going to stop being OCD. I've been recording every time she eats, how long she eats, and every time she's changed (plus if it's #1 or #2). I think it's kind of cool that I can tell you how many times she's pooped since she was born, but I really need to stop. I've gone two days without recording anything... It feels empty, but I know she's okay.

The Bryn and Maiki Comparison:

I am amazed by the number of people that have asked if Maiki's hair used to be red... No, it was never red.

Smiles, walks, and big girl jeans

I left the room for two minutes and returned to Maiki changing Bryn's diaper. :(

This week is Spring Break! We were excited to have tons of playdates, but our week started with Maiki vomitting 8 times on Monday. I hope Bryn doesn't get sick too.

Maiki has great taste in shoes.

April 1, 2011

Bryn's 8th Week

Bryn is Syracuse High School's newest princess. She attended daycare F/T the entire week and was barely put down. The high school kids fought over her and didn't understand why she couldn't nap in their arms. Bryn has adjusted perfectly, and has learned to take a bottle (I still swing by during my lunch break to nurse her once during the day). Maiki loves going to the infant section and visiting her little sissy. It's hilarious all of the excuses Maiki comes up with so she can go and see her sis.

This week is all about grabs and smiles. Bryn keeps surprising herself by randomly grabbing things and she loves to coo and smile.

Now that Bryn is being bottle fed Maiki is learning how to feed her. I think this is the secret to having two kids... It's great because Maiki feels important and Bryn gets "feeded."

Random Pics from this week:

Maiki made a tattoo just like Uncle Jon's, then we made our favorite Japanese candies-kinokono yama, and then Maiki made a huge train (this is what she does while Chris works on the room downstairs).

the girls w/Great Grandpa Kaz