October 25, 2008

Photo Shoot at Mount Ogden Park

Last weekend I got the Christmas bug, and coerced Chris and my mom into taking pics at the park. Costco has adorable Christmas cards that are ready in hours. The best part is that they are really inexpensive; fifty cards for $14.99! Don't worry. . . I won't send them until December.

October 21, 2008

Preparing for Halloween

Maiki has been practicing her screaming. It sounds horrible, but it's actually adorable. She has a baby scream and a daddy scream.

Baby Scream!
Sorry it's sideways, I couldn't figure out how to switch the direction of a video.

The Mirror from H*ll

Last week I found a sweet mirror on sale at Hobby Lobby. It's so heavy I can barely lift it by myself. I'm guessing it's around 70 pounds, and it's about 4 feet tall. After over an hour of climbing on ladders and doing a balancing act we finally got it hung.

Don't ever hang a gigantic mirror in a staircase!
(When we sell our house the mirror will be included.)

October 15, 2008

Last Night was Fun and Frightful. . .

Last night we hung out with Siolimi, Gabriel (Gabe), and Annie (Bella) at Champi's in North Ogden.

We had great food, and tons of fun watching the three stooges terrorize the place.

On our way home. . .
While driving in the fast lane on I-15 we watched the car in front of us start veering to the right. The next thing we knew she clipped the car in the center lane, over corrected, then bounced off the median. She spun out of control and stopped in the the middle of the left two lanes (facing the median). Luckily, Chris is an awesome driver and the Jag has amazing brakes, so we were fine. Maiki was scared, but she was a really good girl and sat quietly while we waited for the cops to arrive.

I think the girl was texting and got distracted. Chris is such a nice guy, he was just happy that she was safe.

October 11, 2008

Good and Bad News

For the past few years I've worked at Powder Mountain as one of the coordinators for the PowderKids program. It was a nice promotion from teaching because I got paid the entire time I worked there, instead of just when I was teaching.
Our director of nearly 30 years retired, and was replaced by our assistant director (who was one of my dad's best friends, and actually spoke at his funeral). I kept my job and had a good, but busy year (last year). Our new director cared about his employees, and ended up quiting when we didn't get the things we deserved. He was replaced this summer.

This morning I attended our 1st meeting with this unknown director. The bad news is that I was demoted; the good news is that I will now be able to freeride, and I'll have a lot more time off. I filled out my schedule, and I only have to work 20 days the entire season. =)

Now I should be able to find some free time and get Maiki on the snow.

FYI: We canceled our home phone because we never used it and felt like it was a waste of $30 every month.

October 7, 2008

One Month 'til the Terrible Twos

Maiki spent this month. . .
Napping in weird places. . .
Playing games. . .
Helping w/chores. . .
Playing w/friends. . .
Dressing up (like a body builder?). . .
Pretending to fall. . .
Riding ON her train. . .
Driving cool Jeeps. . .
Party'n like a rock star AND. . .
Flossing w/the dental floss dad used to hang a picture. . .

Paul and Eli's Birthday Parties

This month we've been really busy attending birthday parties. Uncle Paul turned 51 and Ashlee's son, Eli just turned 3.


Jon Derrick's 11th B-day Party

My nephew (Ryan's son) just turned 11. We celebrated by taking the family to the new Chuck E. Cheese in Layton. It's hard to pay $18 for a pizza when you can get one for $5, at least the kids had a great time!


Last weekend I slammed my pinky in the car door. The worst part is that I knew it was stuck the entire time the door was flying through the air. Those were the longest three seconds I've experienced in years. . .

It hurt bad enough that I actually went to the doctor. He said the nail is definitely going to fall off. =(