November 29, 2010

Miya Thanksgiving

The Sunday we returned from St. George we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Miyas, at our house.

Thanksgiving isn't complete unless someone puts olives on their fingers

Ryan's boys: Owen, Jon, and Merrick (and picture ninja Slone)

Great Grandpa Kaz and Uncle Dave

Mom, Josh, and Alyssa

St. George Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always fun at Colleen and Ken's amazing house in St. George. The Williams crew is always entertaining, and it's getting better as the family grows. This year we got to meet Tony and Lacy's little guy Hunter!

Maiki and Hunter

Maiki, Olivia, and Tess

Tony, Sohee, Jon, and Matt

Kate and Tim (and Chris)

Cory and Alexis

Tony, Hunter, and Maiki

One of my favorite pics of Maiki and Chris

Matt resting after falling from the top of the palm tree

Olivia, Maiki, and Tony. . . doing a science experiment

Chris, Lacy, Grandma Miki w/Hunter, and Tony

Maiki, Colleen, and Hunter

November 10, 2010

Boondocks Birthday

We spent Maiki's birthday at Boondocks with 15 of her friends. (Toddler birthday parties are the best because the parents show up too.)

Friends and Family,
Thank you so much for coming to Maiki's party. The gifts were amazing. Seriously, some of you went way above and beyond. The kids had a blast and Maiki told us this was her best birthday ever! She's such a little diplomat; when asked what her favorite gift was she replied, "all of them."

On our way to Boondocks we picked up a bunch of balloons for the kids. Maiki was harrassing the salesman, so he put her to work.

Family Dinner

Maiki was excited to pick out her birthday restaurant. She really wanted Pizza Factory, but they are closed Sundays, so she went with Olive Garden. She loved her fancy drink (a cherry Italian soda). After dinner we had cake and opened presents at Great Grandpa Kaz' house.

November 8, 2010

The BIG Day, Maiki's 4th Birthday

Today is the big day, and Maiki couldn't be more excited. She woke up telling me all about how it's her special day. I'll post pics of all the festivies later this week.


November 6, 2010

Caught Up

I feel like a blogging criminal! I just looked and the last post showing (excluding Friday) was from June 14!!! At least I ended with one of the cutest posts, but still that was a bit ridiculous! I'm sorry it took me so long to update everything, and I'm sorry there are now months worth of posts at one time (plus the dates on the side are now all screwed up). I hope you find the time to at least skim the posts from now through June 14.

We are officially 28 weeks pregnant with another girl. Maiki could not be happier. I'm happy that we can reuse a lot of stuff; Chris has surprised me and he's informed me that this new baby will get her own stuff too. He doesn't want her to suffer from "middle child syndrome."

Maiki continues to shock us. Our little drama queen is extremely entertaining. It is so hard to discipline a toddler when they do hilarious things. Maiki's new talents/events include:
-teaching her high school teachers what a wedgy is
-pretending to take a shower, and getting butt-naked while at the Syracuse High playground
-dumping boyfriend #1 and coming home w/boyfriend #2 (on the same day)
-entertaining women in public bathrooms by singing while she goes
-shocking every random stranger she meets by initiating conversations about names, kids, grandkids, etc. . .
-When I asked her, "How's my little angel?" She said, "I'm not your little angel; I'm your little monster."
-coloring like a world famous artist (Seriously, she went from scribbling to drawing recognizable pictures in a day.)
I'm sure there are a million more. I'll add to the list when my brain starts working again. If you ever want to be entertained give us a call. Maiki LOVES talking on the phone.

The next post will be this week!!! Maiki turns 4 on Monday!

Misc. October Pics

October's random pictures include:
Maiki's crazy bites that turned into odd nipple looking things.
(We took her to the doctor and everything was fine.)
A sweet carseat cover my mom learned how to make
(this one was for Tiff).
Maiki practicing her "thinker pose."
And, my personal favorite. . . the teddy bear airplane!
I walked into the living room and found Maiki giving her bear a pep talk, "It's okay teddy. . . bears can fly too."

Halloween 2010

No, the date is not wrong! If Halloween falls on a Sunday we are forced to celebrate a day early. (Damn Utahns!)

Halloween always turns into a mad dash. We start off by visiting Grandpa Kaz, Uncle Paul, and then Uncle Dave (this year Maiki took a nap inbetween); then we went to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat, and we finished off by visiting the Jensens. We made it home by 7pm and passed out candy. The rain spoiled a lot of the fun. I think we had around 20 trick-or-treaters.
Maiki liked the vampire teeth so much she has decided to be a
vampire next year.