March 30, 2010

Special Olympics

Last Saturday was a very interesting day. It all started when my friend Scott persuaded me to help him ski the Special Olympics torch down Quick Draw (which was on the news). After that we ended up setting up an awesome race course.
While setting up the course I had to ski while holding a huge drill. (We used the foot long drill to put the gates in the snow.) While talking to the person running the race I had a wonderful conversation with one of the racers participating in the Special Olympics.

Racer: I like a woman with a drill.
Me: That's nice.
Racer: I'll see you at the bottom. . .
Me: Oh.
(I start to ski off.)
Racer: Drill ya later!

Here are some leftover random riding pics:

Skiing on March 20th

Skiing with Maiki has been a blast! She is finally making a pizza w/the assistance of an edgy wedgy). She's funny because she switches back and forth from wanting to ride in the backpack (which is getting WAY too small) and wanting to ski all by herself.

This picture is one of my favorites!
Shortly after this picture Maiki fell asleep on the chair lift!

Dance Class

Maiki has been begging for dance classes for months, so my mom and I checked them out and finally decided to go with RHYTHM WORKS!
If you are thinking of signing up a little one in dance class let me know; I have a spreadsheet comparing and contrasting half a dozen of them, in northern Davis County.

Here are a few cute pics of Maiki and her dance friends:

My librarian made Maiki an adorable pink tutu. Thanks Bea!

The cost for dance classes, outfits, shoes, and the dance recital added up quickly, and Maiki really wants to look cute (she's quite the girly girl), so I found an awesome (really easy) tutu pattern online. I'm not very good at sewing so Grandma Sherrie came to the rescue! If anyone wants to get together to make $10 tutus (instead of buying them for over $50) let me know. :)

Wolf Creek

We spent the last weekend in February hanging out at the Wolf Creek Condo. A few friends came over Friday night, then we hung out w/family Saturday night. I wasn't allowed to ski that weekend, but we had tons of fun sledding. =D

Sledding w/daddy was too scary, so Maiki made her own run
(in the mud).

We found an awesome sledding hill on the Wolf Creek Golf Course.

Ashlee was brave enough to sled in HIGH HEELS!

Krissy is the sledding queen! She and Mikade were by far the fastest. :)

Is that a Yahtzee?

Maiki, Josh, and the snowman

Chris cruising on his gigantic sled

Josh and Alyssa

Maiki hated raquetball. . . Slone loved it!

March 19, 2010

Our 10th V-day Together

I know that Valentine's is a special, romantic holiday for couples, but it was really fun sharing ours with Maiki. Most people treat themselves and go out for a nice dinner; we are the exact opposite. Valentine's Day is our special day to stay in. Chris is an excellent cook w/very little free time. Every year he spoils me (and now Maiki) w/an amazing meal. This year I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers w/a really cool "I love you" stamp, and Maiki enjoyed a shirley temple. (That girl could eat her weight in cherries.) -Thanks babe!

March 5, 2010

Night Skiing w/Maiki

This year has been fun because I finally got to start a Snow Sports Club I only had 12 members, but it was still a blast. We went riding every Tuesday night in January and February. Here are a few pics from a night in February when Maiki joined the group.
Maiki still LOVES when Josh pics her up (superman style) and flies down the hill. She has such a free spirit.
Why pay $50+ for a fancy ski harness when you can use a $2 hullahoop? (Thanks for the idea, Boo.)
Maiki LOVED my co-worker Kacey. She snuggled up to her within seconds. =D

Legacy Jr. High

32 million dollars, and this is what you get:
No, that's not Jon Williams from 1996. :(
Yes, that is Ryan Thomas (aka Mr. T) hard at work. :)
(The students LOVE having their own lockers.)