April 27, 2010

Owen's 5th Birthday

While Ryan's away the kids get to play. . .

Uh oh! I just noticed that I'm the world's worst aunt. I don't have a good picture of the birthday boy. :(
FYI: Most people don't wear helmets while driving the racecars. Let's just say Slone is very "special."

30th B-day

Melissa was in town from TN and it was time for me to celebrate the big 3-0, so my wonderful friend, Beth organized an awesome party.

I have to admit we've been known to throw a few parties where people have such a good time that they throw up. . . unfortunately, these guests were welcomed by our sick three year old. I'm SO sorry guys! We truly had no idea she was sick until guests started arriving.

Spring Break 2010

Here are a few random pics from Spring Break. We hung out at home a lot, just relaxing. Maiki LOVED playing at Boondocks w/Mikade and BrookLynn, and she also loved hanging out with the mannequins at Old Navy.

Jemma-Sorry you were scolded for allowing "your" daughter
to climb on the display.

Yep, it snowed nearly half a foot in APRIL!

Easter 2010

Easter this year was really fun. We went to Uintah's egg hunt and had one of our own. I think we need to have another child because Maiki got bored in the middle of her egg hunt. . . she needs some competition.

The many faces of Maiki. . .

We got a trampoline!