February 25, 2010

Spoke too soon

Deciding when to announce a pregnancy is one of the hardest decisions to make, especially if you've had miscarriages in the past. I thought everything would be okay and I was really excited because I have three close friends who are due within a week of my due date. I saw my doctor last week and she did an ultrasound. It wasn't very clear so she had me go in for bloodwork. The first results looked good and the baby showed somewhere between 5-8 weeks. We were hoping that my due date was just later than expected, but after the 2nd test it looks like we lost the baby.

There is no need to comment, just spread the word so I don't have to talk about it. Thanks!

February 11, 2010

Catching Up, Part II

Don't you just love how long it's taken me to finish catching up? I thought I'd finish the end of December. . . I can't believe it's nearly Valentine's Day.

We had our annual dinner at Benihana's. Heidi is now 30!!!
Happy belated birthday!
It was really fun because Celeste and Beth were in town. :)

We got to see cousins we never see. (I don't have any 1st cousins-on my dad's side, so these are kids of my 2nd cousins once removed, I think. My dad's cousins' kids. What relation is that? We just say "cousin" to keep it simple.)
L to R: Charlie, Taija and Maiki

My car lit on fire!

I know, seriously. How does a car light on fire? (Unless someone starts it intentionally. . .)

New Year's Eve seems to be a cursed day for us. Last year we spent the entire evening in the ER. Chris took the garbage can outside and slipped on black ice, splitting his chin wide open. This year my car lights on fire. As Maiki would say, "What the crap?"

So, I drove up to Powder Mtn. The car did fine, we noticed a funny smell when we parked, but there wasn't any smoke, so we went in to work. I was getting ready for lessons when Mike starting yelling at me. I ignored him (if you know Mike you know why) and finally more people came running in screaming that they needed my car keys and my car was on fire. I ran outside and unlocked the car. It took three fire extinguishers to get the fire out! Thank you Hal--you rock!

I'm sure tons of interesting things happened, but the only must see pic is of Maiki and Mikade playing at MyGym. This pic was taken prior to Maiki flying through the air head first, right into Mikade. (She got a small bump and cried; he was fine.)
Maiki and Mikade are so funny together. I'm just glad we are documenting everything now, so we can embarass them when they are teenagers.

February 5, 2010

Bun in the Oven

We are finally pregnant! The baby is due September 23rd (my uncle Paul's b-day), and Maiki desperately wants a sister. Of course we'll be happy w/a boy or a girl. I'm hoping for a girl, so we can reuse Maiki's stuff.

Maiki came up to me the other day and randomly told me to open my mouth. (I obliged.) Then she said, "Open wider. . . I gotta get in there! I wanna see that baby!"
She is also practicing making her tummy big and small.