April 29, 2008

New House, New Furniture

We just moved to a new house (exactly 1 mile from our old house). My favorite part about the move has been buying new furniture! Here's a pic of Maiki's sweet new chair.

Don't worry. . . I'll post pics of the new house soon. =D

Maiki Update

Our little angel is going to be 18 months on the 8th of May. She is doing new things like dribbling a soccer ball, and saying "vroom, vroom" while driving her new little cars. Maiki also took her very 1st time out last week at Syracuse High School's daycare. She is transitioning from the infant area to the toddler area and got a little rough with a baby. It's going to be tough because the toddlers are very aggressive. We want her to be able to take care of herself, but we don't want her to be a bully.

I did it!

After checking out everyone's blogs I finally decided to start a blog for my family. This is going to be an interesting adventure. . .

Most of you get monthly e-mails from me with pictures of Maiki off the kodak site. I'm guessing that I'll quit sending those once I get the hang of blogging. For those of you that are experienced bloggers (and programmers) I would love help, support, and suggestions. Thanks for being such good friends!

FYI: C-A-M Williams = Chris, Annie, and Maiki