December 31, 2010

Misc. Dec. Pics

Party at the Lorenzen's

Merrick's Birthday Party at Boondocks

Visiting Santa at the Newgate Mall
(FYI: The cost of pictures with Santa is outrageous!)

Annie and Derek's biggest belly contest

Maiki tucking in her babies

Beth and Derek bought Maiki a sweet cowgirl hat at Cabela's

Maiki and Olivia's sleepover
(Yes, they are faking.)

Skiing 12/23

We spent part of the Christmas break hanging out at the Wolf Creek Condo and skiing as much as possible. Maiki's really cute to watch. When the girl is done, she's done, no matter where she's at. Seriously, she'll ski until she's pooped and then she'll lay down and wait to be carried. (Thank god she's only 30 pounds.)

Christmas 2010

My mom cooked our favorite meal (pork spaghetti) for Christmas Eve dinner!

Maiki got up early Christmas morning and was thrilled to find a dollhouse bigger than her. When asked what her favorite present was the little diplomat always said, "everything."

Watching Maiki open the presents from Jason was the best
because she was so excited. :)

Josh's girlfriend Alyssa is Maiki's favorite person to play with.
Josh was a good sport and even played dolls.

We had a break in the storm and Maiki and Josh
enjoyed the sunshine from the trampoline.

Annie's super pregnant belly
(baby girl will arrive the beginning of February)

The best part of the day was when Chris kept throwing candy snakes at grandpa. Grandpa is scared of snakes and would freak out and cuss Chris out. He collected all of the snakes and threw them away.

Maiki's first day skiing

Maiki is our hard core little skier. She stayed out in the storm and she ditched the edgy wedgy. :) She skied a few times last year, but this was her first time doing it "all by herself."

My favorite picture of Maiki and Grandma Sherrie

Heading to the lift
Beth-Thanks for taking Maiki while I was too pregnant to help her.

Annie, Beth, Slone, Maiki, and Josh

Slone with the sweetest hat hair ever

Rob, Maiki, and a PowderKid
(Rob was entertaining the freezing kids with magic tricks)

Uncle Dave, after a sweet fall
(He's really good at taking pictures while skiing.)

Chris, Maiki, and Beth

November 29, 2010

Miya Thanksgiving

The Sunday we returned from St. George we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Miyas, at our house.

Thanksgiving isn't complete unless someone puts olives on their fingers

Ryan's boys: Owen, Jon, and Merrick (and picture ninja Slone)

Great Grandpa Kaz and Uncle Dave

Mom, Josh, and Alyssa