July 4, 2011

Happy 4th

Preparing for the parade:
At the nearly candyless Layton parade:

LJH officers (in the boat)
The UT firework law was changed this year, so Chris put on an awesome show!

Even though there parade was a bit lacking, Layton city has a GREAT firework show, and we are lucky enough to get to watch it from grandpa's backyard. :)

Bryn's 5th Month

Backbend Bryn is now a thumb sucking, toe grabbing, bottle holding, stage 1 food eating cutie pie. She giggles frequently and has become a pro at rolling over. She is working on sitting up by herself, and her hand eye coordination has improved tremendously. Last month she didn't have a clue what she was grabbing; this month she'll set her eyes on something and grab it within seconds.

The day after her 4 month check up she tried rice cereal... She didn't like it. A few days later she tried squash... She loves squash, but bananas might be her favorite. She definitely hates peas (just like Maiki).

This picture is one of my favorite because Bryn is sitting with MY bunny. My mom and dad gave me Bungy when I was ~5 and had my tonsils taken out. Bungy and I even had matching bandaids.

Maiki at 5 months:

Camp Champ Soccer, Part II

Maiki finished Camp Champ and she did well enough that we signed her up for Syracuse City's fall soccer league. It seems like she can keep up with the boys and she's starting to understand the concept of the game.