May 4, 2011

Bryn's 3rd Month

Bryn loves to smile, stand up, chew her fingers, and she's just starting to roll over. (She likes to roll 3/4 of the way and then roll back.)

Bryn was been a little bit sick this month. :( She was sleeping like a champ and only getting up once (or twice), but once she got a stuffy noise she didn't sleep well. Luckily, she's still a happy little thing. We also discovered that when Bryn is tired she wants to be left alone. Most babies want to snuggle... not Bryn, she wants you to lay her down and let her be.

Bryn really is a perfect, little baby. She's so pretty that a number of strangers make us stop, so they can admire her cute face and look at her awesome fauxhawk. Unfortunately, she's starting to get a bald spot in the back, but at least the top is long enough that it hides most of it.

On Bryn's 3rd month birthday we went to The Oaks, in Ogden Canyon. It's amazing how high the river is!!! We hope it doesn't flood like it did in '83.

This month Bryn and Maiki spent a lot of time together. Maiki LOVES that she can finally play with Bryn and she no longer freaks out. Maiki got all of her special dolls from Great Grandma Tess (who recently passed away), and lined them up so that we could take their picture. :)

Slone and Nylsen went to prom!

Maiki's Spotlight

I finally learned how to use Photoshop. :)

May 3, 2011

Cathy's 31st Bday

Adam invited everyone to Cathy's surprise party at Chili's.

May 2, 2011

Owen's 6th Bday

We celebrated my nephew, Owen's 6th birthday by having cake and icecream at Uncle Paul's. We originally planned on going to Boondocks, but they were closed. Our back up plan was to go to Chuckee Cheese; we called ahead and they said they were open, but when we arrived they were closed! (They closed early because of Easter.) Poor Owen had to celebrate his birthday at McDonald's...

Easter 2011

Easter Morning:
We can't wait for Bryn to grow up, so Maiki can have some Easter competition.

My grandpa's church (the Ogden Japanese Christian Church) only had 30 people in attendance. They normally have between 14 and 16, so 30 was a huge turn out.

My friend Lauren made the girls ADORABLE hairties to match their Easter dresses.
Thanks Lauren!
After church we went to Harbor Freight and Maiki got a little too comfortable.

Kacey and Nicole's Graduation

Two of my awesome work friends just graduated from Weber State University (Master in Curriculum and Education). It's amazing to see people who can work full time and still go to school. Congratulations girls!!!

I love that Chris is the one drinking, but Maiki is the one passed out.

McCall and Neil are going to make the best parents!

These pics are from Maiki's hilarious photoshoot.

(Kacey's mom is the best!)

Annie and Lauren's 31st

Some of my close friends got together to celebrate Lauren's birthday (and mine). Cake pops are my new favorite gift. I'm totally giving them to everyone for their birthday(s).

1st Annual Wyler Egg Hunt

Over the last three years I've discovered that I'm a highly competitive mom and Easter Egg Hunts have been very challenging for me. When Maiki was two I just wanted to pick her up and run her over to the best prizes. This year I discovered that my competitiveness goes away when we have an Easter Egg Hunt among friends (either that or Maiki is much better than she used to be). The Wyler's hosted our first annual Easter Egg Hunt and it was a HUGE success. We can't wait for next year!

I love that it looks like Jazmine is break dancing. =)