May 27, 2009

Timpanogas Cave

Beth and Derek came for a visit to show off our wonderful state.
(Their friends were from Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles.)
Hiking up the hill (1.5 miles)

Entering the cave
Josh (I took this picture by randomly holding the camera above my head!
The odd fuzzy thing by Josh's crotch is my hair.)
Chris, Maiki, and Annie
Slone and Beth
Beth and Derek
Josh and Maiki squeezing through a tight spot (I'm sad I didn't get Derek. . .)
Hiking down the hill
Josh posing (again)
The crew
(L-R/top-bottom) Jake, Josh, Beth, Slone, Scott, Joe, Derek, Maiki, and Chris

Memorial Day

Visiting Grandpa Jon and Grandma Edith (my dad and his mom)
Visiting Grandpa Curly and Grandma Ruth
(my mom's mom and stepdad)

One of our new favorite places:
Red Butte Gardens

Beth T.-Thank you for the tour! We LOVED it.

May 21, 2009

Maiki's 1st Concert

Last night Maiki attended her first concert. Slone performed with South Ogden Jr. High's mixed choir class.Maiki never ceases to surprise me. She was impatient and hyper before the show, then she stood on my lap--clapping and dancing to the 7th grade choir. Once Slone was on stage Maiki screamed for him, watched for a minute and then decided she wanted to be part of the show too. I spent the next 15 minutes holding her back as she repeatedly raced for the stage.

Before the show:
Maiki hang'n w/her two favorite boys

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day


This year has been great! Maiki picked out cute flowers for her mom and a piece of chocolate cake for her Grandma Sherrie. It's fun when you know it's from the child/grandchild, even though dad may have better taste.
Maiki's other grandma's are far away, so she called and left them adorable messages. Here's a sample:

(I couldn't figure out how to change the direction of the video. Sorry!)

Chris made our new favorite: french toast w/homemade buttermilk syrup.
Josh and Slone were awesome helpers. They made the french toast and helped w/dishes. :)
Mmmmm! Chocolate covered strawberries

The End of April

Figuring out this new computer has been a bit rough. I'm not really a fan of Windows Vista.
Here are a few pics that I thought were lost.

Maiki's 2nd time skiing!

One of the rare photos of the photographer-Uncle Dave.
(L to R: Annie, Chris, Maiki, Josh, and Dave)
I can't believe Powder Mountain stayed open until April 19th; they ALWAYS close on April 15th. (That's when their insurance expires for the season.)

Maiki taking a nap. Don't worry. . . I moved her before she fell off the barstool.

Pics of Maiki's new homemade hairties.

May 5, 2009

See you. . .

Maiki loves goodbye salutations. Last Sunday she was saying see you to my family when it came out all wrong. . .

She said, "SCREW you; toodle loo!!!"

May 1, 2009

Golf Mishap

My favorite part of golfing has always been driving the cart; unfortunately, Chris also enjoys driving the cart. Lucky for me, Chris was behind the wheel this time. :)

We weren't even goofing off, just took a turn too sharp. . . I went flying into Chris knocking him from the cart, then I slid out when the cart hit a bump and took another turn. The abandonned cart made it into the cat tails all by itself. Luckily, Valley View hasn't charged us anything.

The pics aren't very good because I took them from my phone. If you look really close you can see deer in the background. I can't believe they stayed there throughout the screaming and crashing.


These photos were taken last week in the mall. We obviously had no idea where Maiki was supposed to sit. . .

My Uncle Paul found a cool website where you can make your own South Park characters.

Here's a copy of our new logo. One of the art teachers at my school made it for $25!