June 9, 2009

1st trip of the summer

School's out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma Miki!!!
And, CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement!

Multi-generational pictures have always been my favorite!

Great Grandma Tess, Grandma Colleen (aka Miki), Maiki, and Chris

Here are pics of the Williams crew at one of the coolest parks ever. (If you are in St. George it is on Dixie Dr.)

Matt & Krissy (Chris' oldest brother and his girlfriend) and her four kids (Jessica, Zack, Riley, and Olivia)

The crew about to be thrown
(I have another pic of Matt on his butt; I'll post it on the Kodak site.)

Collen & Ken (and Chris)

Alexis smashing her mom, Cory (Chris' oldest sister),
and Alexis & Tess spinning away


Maiki and Olivia (they were the best of friends)

Matt, Jessica, Alexis, and Chris

Maiki patiently waiting for her dad to finish his climb

Other than driving in severe rainstorms the trip was fantastic!

Gerald and Dyann

Kate and Tim just built a new house (in Logan), so everyone keeps heading north for a visit. Luckily, our house is on the way. :D

Grandma Dyann, Maiki, and Grandpa Gerald (Chris' dad)