March 28, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Every Sunday we have dinner with my family. Since Ryan's been in Iraq we've tried to get his boys every other Sunday.
Here are some pics from the last few weeks:

Best buddies-Owen aka "Owie" and Maiki

Josh, Sherrie, Slone, and Maiki (Slone is now taller than mom!)

Maiki w/her new hat

Chris and Paul playing w/Ryan's boys

Josh jumping on the neighbors trampoline

March 26, 2009

The "ethnic" hairdo

I thought this hairdo was adorable, my mom thought it was "ethnic."

March 17, 2009

She's Talking up a Storm

Maiki is getting taller and more verbal on a daily basis. Here's a list of some of the cute things she does:
-She will hug and say goodbye to everyone. The cutest is when she says, "toodloo."
-Whenever you say thank you, she enthusiastically replies with "I'm welcome."
-She doesn't want anyone to feel left out. Whenever we sing patty cake, she always includes daddy, even if he's not there.
-Maiki is curious and adventurous. She always says, "I try it!"
-My personal favorite is when Maiki gives you a big hug and says, "I missed you." (Even if you just saw her an hour before.)

March 11, 2009

New Job

The new announcement is that I just accepted a position teaching at the new junior high in West Layton. :) The school will be called Legacy Junior High. The mascot is the silver wolves, and their colors are navy, crimson, and silver.

Syracuse Jr. High is actually closer to our house, but our neighborhood feeds into the new junior high. It'll add at least 10 minutes to my commute every day (it's 5 miles from Maiki's daycare), but it will be worth it to teach in a building with air conditioning.

I feel really good about the position and the principal (Ken Hadlock from KJH). My biggest worry is teaching a new class: newspaper/yearbook, and teaching on a block schedule (90 minute A/B days).

I'm finishing this year at Syracuse Jr. High, then I'll move in as soon as the school opens (next August).

March 10, 2009

Sweet Deal, Hairclips

We found this table for $10 at Big Lots!!!
I’m sure Chris can’t wait to have another tea party
w/his little angel. =D

The other night we made hairclips with my mom, cousin, and aunt. Maiki and BrookLynn LOVED trying them on. . .


Lollipop clips made w/Lauren E. (she's aMaZiNg)

March 6, 2009

Beth's Blog

Beth finally succumbed to peer pressure and switched to blogspot:

March 4, 2009

Ski Train to Winter Park

While in Colorado we had to check out the skiing/snowboarding. We discovered it’s true what they say, Utah really does have the “greatest snow on Earth.”

We took the ski train to one of the oldest resorts, Winter Park. The ski train has been operating since 1940! Here are the links, just in case you want to check them out:

*Winter Park has the highest six person chair in northern America (12,000 + feet above sea level)!

Annie and Beth in front of the ski train

Unloading the train

Chris and Annie

Riding with 14,000 other people

Beth enjoying the view from 12,000 feet

Moguls anyone???

Lacy and Tony relax’n on the train

Beth and Buffy (down the street from BeauJo’s pizza)

Tony & Lacy's House

Last weekend we left Maiki with Grandma Sherrie and headed for Denver to see Tony and Lacy’s new house.

The front of the house and Tony’s sweet ride

Their neighborhood in Littleton, CO

Tony’s famous LandCruiser
I’m SO jealous. . .

Valentine's Day

While the boys are away the girls (and kids) will play!!!

Chris and Jay were hard at work, so Heidi and I took the kids to lunch at The Dodo and then to the Planetarium (at the Gateway).

Maiki, Truman, Alek, and Sammy on the moon

Maiki on Mars

Orange plunkets, made by Chris

On Valentine’s Day we stayed home to avoid the crazy crowds and Chris made French toast for dinner. It was the best ever! (He even made homemade syrup.) Make sure to ask him for the recipe.