July 31, 2010

Snow Family Reunion

Colleen and Ken came to town for the Snow Family Reunion. We only went to two of the events: lunch & lectures at Bert's Cafe (a family owned business in Brigham City) and a nice dinner at Timbermine.
part of the family having dinner at Timbermine
Bert's Cafe
Ralph and Colleen sharing wonderful stories about their parents
Tess, little Maiki, and Chris

July 30, 2010

Misc. July Pics

Chris and Maiki grew zillions of strawberries this year. I had to take a picture of this one.
This is one of the grossest concoctions I've ever seen!Random pics of Maiki cooking w/Chris and hanging out.

Maiki's New Room

In preparation for the new baby Maiki got a new room!!!Chris-Thanks for painting the room!

Krissy's 30th

We spent the afternoon of Krissy's 30th birthday hanging out at Boondocks. I honestly have no idea why people pay money to get soaked on the little kid boat ride. Seriously, no one looked like they were having fun.

We had a last minute girl's night out that evening; Jemma and Cathy joined us at Rumbi to celebrate w/out the kiddos.


Chris' sisters: Cory and Kate decided to start a new tradition. . . going to Koosharem every year, for the 24th of July!!! We had a blast going to the parade, riding four wheelers, fishing, and hanging out with family.
Chris w/the only fish caught the entire trip
Maiki w/her first fishing pole (this was her first fishing trip EVER)
manly little Olivia w/her friend worm
Maiki hanging out w/grandma and grandpa
Matt and Krissy
the Koosharem parade
Kate and Tim fishing
Picnic at Fish Lake
Chris and Annie

Swimming Lessons

Maiki took swimming lessons at Layton, Surf-n-Swim. She loved the teachers and the class. There was one naughty girl that taught her bad habits, but besides that the experience was great. Her favorite part was playing all of the fun learning games. She was okayed to move on to the next class, but we decided to make her wait a year because of her height.

Hill AFB Museum

The Hill Air Force Museum (in Roy) is a great, free place to take the kids. The day was awesome, except for when Sammy ran in to the wing of an airplane (outside, at the picnic area). The poor guy almost needed stitches.
Maiki inside an airplane tire
Truman, Sammy, and Alek
Aidan and Eli
Maiki, Stella, and Heidi
Alek (the back of Maiki) and a cool airplane

Slip-n-Slide Fun

When we weren't hanging out at the pool we were in the backyard playing w/Maiki's Slip-n-Slide.

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July avoiding the crowds and hanging out at Grandpa Kaz' house. Layton city truly does an amazing job.

Swimming at Heidi's mom's

We spent the majority of the summer swimming w/friends, and Heidi's mom's pool turned out to be our favorite. It was nice to have a fenced in area that was free, and the company was always fantastic.

Paul's Retirement Party

My Uncle Paul finally retired, and the kids had a blast playing at the Kaysville Fire Station. I was amazed by how nice all of the firemen were. They let the kids climb all over the trucks.

UT Arts Festival

We had a fun day hanging out at the UT Arts Festival
w/Ashlee, Aidan, & Eli.
Maiki's favorite part was getting her face painted (the 2nd time. . . the first time was a total flop) like Hello Kitty.

Lagoon w/Ry

While Ryan was on leave we took all the kids to Lagoon.
(This was the horrible day that Maiki ran away, and told us, "I LOVE strangers.")

Dance Recital


Maiki is the 2nd one from the left. Why put the two goofballs next to eachother? It's amazing how much toddlers mirror other behavior. (The girls in this class were between 3 and 6 years old.)
Maiki before the show. Maiki during the show.