March 25, 2011

Bryn's 7th Week

Bryn's 7th week started with an extra visit to the doctor's office. Her tongue has been white for quite sometime, so we took her in and found out she has Thrush. While at the doctor's office Bryn was weighed and she's now 9 pounds 2 ounces. She has gained 34% of her body weight. It seems like in just a few days she's outgrown her diapers and all of her newborn clothes; it's nice to have a kid that's growing at a normal rate. :)
Legacy Visitors:

We had a few more visitors this week. Chris Carter and Lyndi Brooks (teachers at LJH) stopped by to meet little Bryn. Beemer loved Carter. She let him hold her for over an hour. Maiki was putting on a show and very confused that Carter had the same name as her dad. Lyndi and Kort had a great time hanging out. Maiki loves little Kort and plays with him all the time at daycare.

Drama, drama, drama...

Little Bryn is growing like a weed. Her cute little butt no longer has fat rolls and her cheeks are starting to fill out. (She's wearing an awesome binky holder made by Grandma Sherrie.)

This picture was taken on Friday-her 7 week birthday.

Attack of "Brynzilla!" (We are only calling her this ONCE.)

Maiki has decided that if I'm nursing she should be nursing too.

My crafty friend Jill inspired me to try to create my own binky holders. I was brave and attempted to sew one myself. Of course, I got frustrated and immediately called my mom.

Mom-Thanks for making the binky holders; we love them!

Maiki's Artwork

Maiki has been creating some very imaginative, art. It reminds me a little of Tim Burton's stuff and a few artists I know (the Dilworths). Even though it's a little dark we LOVE it. (Chris drew the flower on the black and white-pen and ink, and Maiki did the rest on her own.)

March 18, 2011

Bryn's 6th Week

Bryn's 6th week has been pretty boring. We've stayed at home a lot. She's been napping like crazy and I've been frantically trying to finish yearbook stuff. Maiki has had a rough time lately. She doesn't like going to school without Bryn, even though she's only going half time it's been challenging. She promised she will not throw any more hissy fits once Bryn comes with her; I hope she follows through.

Maiki loved supporting our local Girl Scouts.

Bryn tried out tummy time.

Another cute pic of Maiki hanging out with Mikade.

The home photoshoot from hell. (I took dozens of pictures and none of them turned out as planned; luckily, bad pictures are entertaining too.)

***Happy St. Patrick's Day***
Tony, Lacy, & Hunter-Thank you for Bryn's cute outfit!

While sleeping Bryn keeps holding her hands in the air. (It reminds me of someone playing the piano.) The amazing part is that she'll keep them there for over an hour.

March 11, 2011

Bryn's 5th Week

This week has been one of our busiest and poor little Bryn went along for the ride.
We spent Saturday afternoon at Taggart's. If you've never been you need to go! It's an amazing restaurant that is inbetween Morgan and Devil's Slide. The drive is beautiful, the food is fantastic, and they have a pet PEACOCK!
Maiki went to Mormon church for the 1st time ever. The Wyler's invited her to try it out. She loves dressing up and she loves singing, so why not!?! She didn't sing because she didn't know the songs and she learned all about being "reverent." I thought she'd be hooked, but she hasn't asked to go again...

We had a mini photoshoot after church:

We spent Sunday evening with family and the kids loved playing in the room that Chris is finishing in the basement. They LOVE the kidsize windows and the door that splits in half (I think it's called a Dutch door).

Uncle Paul wheeled and dealed and got Maiki a late Valentine's gift... Her very first pair of skis!!! *Thank you Uncle Paul!*
Monday we had lunch with Jemma and her cute little Liam told me, "all babies are like Sleeping Beauty."
Hanging out with old friends is always fun, although it was weird to see all the kids playing with Dylan's toys and no Dylan. (Little Dyl was sick, and spent the evening at his grandparents.)
After finding a special magnet Maiki made up a new naughty game...
She would tell you to close your eyes, and then she'd put the magnet in your face and say open them! The best part was her amazing giggle at the end.
Here's a cute pic of Maiki and Mikade while hanging out in the car.
Kacey and Nicole stopped by to meet little Bryn. Poor Nicole had to have knee surgery after a bad fall while helping supervise the LJH Snow Sports Club.

Morgan's 4th Birthday

Maiki's BFF is a cute little redhead, named Morgan. They have gone to daycare together since they were babies. Morgan hasn't been at daycare for the last few weeks, so we took her out to celebrate her birthday. The day started with dress up at our house, I did their hair so they matched, we went to Target for pictures, had pizza for lunch, and then we went for cupcakes. I hope we can find a way for he girls to go to kindergarten together; I don't know what they would do if they were seperated.

Maiki, Morgan, and Sadie Jo at Morgan's princess party.

March 4, 2011

Bryn's 1st Month

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Bryn's first month has been very normal. Maiki was supposed to go to daycare halftime, but they've had a lot of sick kids, so Maiki has been home. Bryn is a very tough little cookie and is quickly learning how to survive. Maiki loves her a bit too much, so we are constantly trying to teach her how to deal with a newborn. I feel bad because Maiki has spent most of this month in timeout.

Bryn has been a bit jaundice and she's had a little eye infection, besides that she's perfect. She only cries when one of her basic needs isn't being met and she loves to snuggle. Bryn has been smiling a lot, but I haven't been able to catch it on film. :( I've updated the blog weekly this month, so all of the small details weren't lost.

Our friends and family have been amazingly supportive and generous. Thank you for all of your help and the wonderful baby gifts!!!

Bryn's 4th Week

This week feels like the beginning of the end. I have to go back to work on March 28th! I wish I could stay home with Bryn for a few more weeks, but my maternity leave is unpaid. :(

Maiki built her very first snowman! I was shocked when Chris postponed working on the basement to go outside and play in the snow. Once finished she decided it was a snowqueen and not a snowman.

We went to my favorite place-Red Orchid, and we got pedicures from Angelina. She is amazing! I hope Maiki doesn't expect pedicures all the time...

I didn't get a picture of it, but she had three witnesses. Bryn has always been a strong baby. She could lift her head the day she was born. I'm excited to watch her do new things, but I'm secretly hoping she won't develop too fast. I want to be able to enjoy having a cute little baby for awhile.

We spent Tuesday and Thursday hanging out with friends. It's nice that most of my friends have kids (and free time for lots of playdates).

Krissy, Mikade, & Hailey, and Ashlee, Eli, & Oliver met us at Boondocks for a few hours of fun. The picture of Ashlee holding the babies was special because Hailey and Eli are only days apart.

Thursday was a very crazy day. We got haircuts in the morning, went shopping with Heidi and Truman, met the entire crew (Beth took a cute picture that I plan on stealing) for a crowded (and chaotic) lunch at Bun Basket, and then hung out at Ashlee's house. Ashlee's house has an awesome yard that even has horses next door.

I can't believe how quickly newborns grow. Oliver is 5 months old and over a head taller than Bryn.