November 18, 2008

2 Year Check-Up

Maiki went to see the doctor yesterday and got TWO shots. She handled it like a champ! Chris held her tight and she only cried for a minute. Her check-up went well, and for the first time in months she gained a substantial amount of weight!
Weight-23 pounds/10th percentile (This is the 1st time she's been on the weight chart in months.)
Height-33.5 inches/50th percentile (She's always been average in height.)

For ~6 months Maiki has been on Prevacid for acid reflex. Since she's finally gaining weight we are going to gradually ween her.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and awesome presents. I hope she learns to appreciate how loved and spoiled she is. :D

November 11, 2008

Not Everyone Turns TWO in Las Vegas!

For Maiki's second birthday she got to spend the weekend with her brother Jason.

We had a great trip, and she had an awesome birthday. If you've never seen the KA Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM we highly recommend it! Here's the site, just in case you want to check it out.

On Maiki's actual birthday we had dinner at THE Steakhouse inside Treasure Island. It's an amazing restaurant (that doesn't allow children under six). We were very lucky that they made an exception. Maiki was on her best behavior and loved every bit of her filet mignon.

Here are some of my favorite pics. If you didn't see the Kodak slide show and want to see the rest e-mail me. :)

Maiki and mom on the airplane

Maiki at FAO Shwartz

Maiki walking w/Jason, then checking out the fish at Caesar's

Jason, Chris, and daredevil Maiki @ the Stratosphere

Jason, Chris, Maiki, and Annie

Jason & Annie, and The Birthday Girl!!!

Chihuly's glass ceiling at the Belagio (His artwork is amazing!)

Maiki pushing Jason (sisterly love)

Maiki, Annie, and Jason

The Williams and Sugimoto Families

*Sorry there aren't more pictures of Sherrie and Colleen & Ken.

Maiki's 24th Month

I know that the 24th month means she's two, but these were taken before her birthday. I'll post the Las Vegas and birthday pics soon.
I don't know how often I'll be able to post pics after that because Maiki broke my camera today. :( Normally, I would go out and buy one immediately, but we are about to be short two tenants and Chris is going to have to renovate our 4,000 square foot Ogden house, so it's going to be tight for the next two months.

Anyway, here are some adorable pics of Maiki!!!

Her favorite new hobbies are taking care of her babies and talking like a big girl. She can repeat almost everything we say.
Maiki was shopping the Toys-R-Us Big book for her
birthday presents.

November 2, 2008

Halloween Party

Beth and Krissy helped host an awesome Halloween party.

Halloween Visits

Maiki had a really busy Halloween. On the 30th she participated in the Halloween parade at Syracuse High. On the 31st she hung out with her favorite babysitter, Bailee. She had too many Swedish fish and barfed. At 5pm we went to the ward's trunk-or-treating activity, then we had to visit family members.

We started at Aunt Toni's house. Kelly was Iron Man, and Maiki got to hang out w/her cousin BrookLynn.

Next, we hung out at Uncle Dave's.

We caught a quick bit to eat at grandpa's, then Maiki took a nap on our way over to Uncle Paul's. Most of them didn't have many trick-or-treaters, so Maiki got TONS of candy.


Maiki went trunk-or-treating for the 1st time yesterday. Our awesome neighbors invited us to go with them. It was nice because their three kids are GREAT with Maiki. She had SO much fun. Maiki is a trunk-or-treating pro! She would walk to each car, push her way through the crowd, stick her hand up, and say "treat."

Trunk-or-treating is a great idea if it's on a night other than Halloween, and if the kids are under five. I hope that people remember how much fun it was to really go trick-or-treating.